good girl

Good Girl and the Other 2008
Stop motion animation made from photographic stills
Sound by Robert Harding

Good Girl and the Other is a stop-motion animation video work make from photographic stills. It was developed through my research into feminist theories of representation, and concerns itself with the binary nature of stereotypes. The good girl is a pervasive recurring motif in culture and society, in my work I seek to complicate or subvert simplistic notions of femininity.
Utilising the stop motion technique allows an investigation into the slippery territory between the still and moving image. Photographic practice has the ability to capture what the eye cannot see, in Benjamin’s terms the optical unconscious, as Eadweard Muybridge explored in the early days of stop motion photography. This ignites the potential of the camera to capture an image, or an aspect of subjectivity, that is uncontrollable, which is a key interest within my practice.